A-Z of eCommerce terms

Spent hours researching how to build an eCommerce store, but struggling to figure out all that jargon? We can help! At Stor, we pride ourselves on making selling easy for people like you, so let’s break down some of those trickier terms together in your very own eCommerce glossary!


When a shopper leaves without buying something- cart abandonment is when they had something in their cart and did the same.

Bounce rate

The number of users that come across a page on your site and leave to another site (bounce off) rather than clicking through to more of your pages- essentially, these are the ones that are turning people off!


Business to Customer is when a company is trading with customers, rather than other businesses.


A Call to Action (CTA) is a clear instruction for a user to carry out, such as a button at the bottom of an email telling users to ‘Sign up here’ or ‘Join our team’. Remembering to include a CTA is crucial to make sure you’re getting tangible results from your communications.


A Click Through Rate (CTR) refers to the number of people who are clicking through a link to get to a page and is usually used when talking about an advertising campaign.


Cookies may sound delicious, but they’re actually just what we call it when a site remembers your preferences or login details from the last time you were there!

Conversion rate

A conversion rate is the number of visitors who are doing what you’ve asked- whether it be signing up to a newsletter, or clicking on an ad, it’s crucial that you know how well your marketing is working!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software that controls engagement with consumers, through emails, notifications and direct messages. Stor’s CRM uses Mailchimp to allow you to automatically send prompts when users abandon carts, pre-order items, qualify for discount codes, and so much more!


Electronic commerce (eCommerce) just means buying things online.


Keywords are words or phrases that customers use to find your products either on your site or using search engines- choosing the right keywords will make it easier for customers to find your products, helping you sell more!

Landing page

A page that works as a point of entry to the rest of a website- most of the time it will be a home page, but it’s basically the first thing a customer sees.

Open rate

This refers to the number of recipients who open an email. This metric helps you get a better idea of how well your email campaigns are working.


Organic traffic is traffic that you haven’t had to pay for- most of the time this is people finding your site through search engines.

PPC advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising helps to drive traffic to your site- as the name suggests, each time someone clicks the ad, the publisher (Google, Facebook, etc.) is paid a small fee.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about trying to increase how your site is ranked when somebody looks for it through a search engine. Stor uses a data-driven approach to help you do this, through keywords and key phrases.

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