How to use and encourage reviews

You probably already know that customer reviews matter – but what a lot of retailers don’t realise is quite how important they are. Getting feedback from buyers on your website will make a huge difference to your online profile and can make or break a customer’s decision to purchase.  

Not convinced? Here are the stats: 

So, not only is it essential that you display reviews, it’s also in your best interests to make sure they’re good ones

Reviews will aid with:  

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As customers will often use key words and phrases that will help your site climb up the rankings.

Establishing trust with customers

This will help to enhance your brand’s credibility as a reliable and honest seller.

Customer decision making

The word of others is proven to have tangible impact on how likely consumers are to buy something.

Ultimately, all of this will help your bottom line by improving sales. With a Stor webshop that is visible and trustworthy, you can entice customers and boost profits. Customers can leave a review after purchasing anything which are then sent to you for moderation and the ability to respond to them.  

To get started, go to Reviews in the left-hand pane, and you’ll be greeted with this screen: 

To approve or delete a review, click the Edit button on the right-hand

side – this will take you to the review editing screen, where you can use the drop-down menu and decide what to do with any review.  

Important: faking reviews about your own business is illegal, so no matter how tempting it may seem, remember that reviews are like vegetables – better sourced organically. 

These reviews will have two main functions:  

  • A star rating, which will be aggregated to display to customers 
  • Review text, which will allow you, and other customers, to view more detailed feedback on your products and services. 

You can see them next to all of your product listings, just below the product description.  

So, what’s the best way to ensure you’re getting the reviews you need? It’s easy: 

1. Ask

Simply sending an email to your customers after they’ve purchased from your shop can do wonders. Setting up with a service like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp will make this much easier and save you a lot of time.

2. Reply

Customers like to feel special – if you’re active with replies with reviews, customers will be more likely to leave feedback, so make sure to follow up on any comments. Especially if you reply to them on your social media accounts.

3. Incentivise

If you’re struggling to get customers to give their thoughts, why not offer incentives? Unique discount codes can be distributed to those who have left reviews, giving them a reason to help you out.

Once you’ve given this a good go, it’s time to make the most out of them; as we’ve established, reviews can be extremely important tools for your business, so be sure to use them. 

The best ways to do this are:

1. Feature in your PR

Good reviews are the best way to get new customers on board – make sure to feature some of your best feedback on your Stor webshop home page so that visitors can hear from happy shoppers. 

2. Establish open communication lines 

Reviews are valuable in letting you speak directly to your customers. This gives your Stor webshop a more personal feel and helps establish a good relationship with buyers to keep them coming back. 

3. Understand customer needs 

Reviews don’t always have to be five-star to be useful. If customers are giving you constructive feedback, make sure to take note and use it to improve your service. 

Hopefully by now, you’re up to speed with just why we think reviews are so important, and you’re familiar with how to encourage people to leave them, as well as what you need to do to get the most out of them.  

For more help with your Stor online shop, feel free to contact support via chat for further assistance or email us at [email protected]