How to build your Stor

How to build your Stor

When it comes to building the website that you’ve been dreaming of, the process can feel daunting and overwhelming. But before you panic, remember you’re with Stor now, so this is going to be a painless and easy process. In this article, we’ll walk you through how.

The first step is to go to and log in to take you to your dashboard. The log in button is located at the top right corner of the webpage.

Think of the dashboard as your starting line, the central place you can use to carve out the perfect roadmap for completing the buildout of your new web store.

It includes easy buttons to do the following:

  • Add a product
  • Add basic info
  • Set up shipping
  • Set payments
  • Set up a domain
  • Design your shop

In this article, we are going to focus on the Design Your Shop section. There are two ways to get to the Shop Editor:

The first option is to click the Design your shop button:

The next page you will see is the Shop Templates page, where you will see Stor’s default template (new templates are being built and are coming soon):

The second option would be to complete the following steps:

From your dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the column to your left

Click on Shop > Shop Editor

This is where the fun begins. Welcome to Shop Editor.

Within Shop Editor, the options are vast. You can select what content blocks you’d like to use and also select various colours, fonts, background images, social icons and more.  Let’s break down each section so you will understand how they work.

The area at the top of the page is called the Top Menu bar. This is typically used to display a company’s email, phone number, links to customer account pages, currency type(s) and more.

To add this menu bar you will need to choose what is called a “snippet” from the content tab in the left column of the page. Click Content > Header > Top Menu/Links

The next snippet to add to your webpage is the Header. This snippet is commonly used to display your logo, navigation menu, customer account button and the shopping basket. This header is also customisable.

After adding the header, the Banner is the next snippet to focus on. Its size makes it a  standout design element.

The last two areas on your home page that need your attention before launching are the Products and Footer Snippets.

The Products Snippet can be placed right below your awesome banner that you’ve just uploaded. To create a content snippet for Products complete the following steps:

Click Products > Select the amount of products you wish to display in the snippet > add.

There are more options to select from inside of your dashboard. Once you select each snippet, the results will populate accordingly.

The final part is to add the Footer. The footer adds the final touches to the bottom of your home page, allowing for quick access to all of your pertinent website info such as: useful links, your brand’s contact page, a place to subscribe to your newsletter, categories for products, company address and more.

If you followed our steps, you have officially completed creating your own online store and are ready to start selling. For more help with your Stor web shop, feel free to chat with us live, or check out the help guides on our site.