How to set up your inventory on Stor

Hopefully by now you’re starting to figure out how to get your products online and manage them. Fortunately, we’ve made it really easy. If you need any additional help, we’ve written a few comprehensive guides.  

Stor’s stock management system keeps track of how many items you have left every time someone buys from you. If you think about it, it’s easier than running a physical store. All you really need to do is add products and set your available quantities, so let’s start with that:

Step 1

Head to Products on the navigation panel – from here, select All and then go to Add product. You’ll have options to add Physical, Digital (Includes Documents, Software, Videos etc.) or Audio products. From here, you’ll get the options below under Basic:

Step 2

Start by giving your product a descriptive name, which is going to help your customers find what they want. Then you need to add an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) – if you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, it’s not a deal breaker for smaller stores. They just help to identify your products more quickly; if you want to give them a try, Fit Small Business have a great guide you can check out here.

Step 3

From this screen you can add the weight (this is important if you want to setup shipping by Cart Weight or use a Shipping Company ), price and VAT (UK only) rate. You also need to add a quantity – make sure to uncheck the Unlimited box – unless you do have an unlimited number, of course.

NOTE: If it’s a digital or audio product you’re after, the first thing you’re going to have to do is upload it in either the Digital Files, or Audio Tracks sections. From that point, everything else is pretty much the same as with physical products.

Step 4

Now you’re going to want to categorise your products. This is for your customers to easily sort through and find whatever product they’re looking for. When you click on Categories, you’ll be met with this screen:

Step 5

From here, you can assign it to any of your product categories – if you haven’t made any yet, we’ve got a short, handy guide here that will tell you everything you need to know about managing them.

Step 6

The next step is to add a picture of your product. Make sure that you’ve gone with something clear and high-resolution;  lighting and a nice plain background are just as important, so be sure to follow one of the many guides that can be found online.

Once you’ve taken a picture that does your product justice, just click Images, and go to add image – uploading it is easy, just click Add images and then you’re away.

Step 7

While images are essential to selling any product, videos are also nice. If you’d like to add a video, the option is just below Images– we’ve explained the process for you here.

By now, you should be comfortable managing your inventory and setting up products for your Stor. For more help with your online shop, feel free to contact Support via chat or email us on [email protected].