Navigating the Stor dashboard

Did you know that your Stor dashboard is your window into every tool your need to make your web shop the best it can be?

The first thing you’ll be greeted with when you sign in is your Dashboard. This is how your dashboard will look if you are entering your shop for the first time and have not used the quick start roadmap below.

Here you can find your easy buttons to do the following:

  • Add a product
  • Add basic info
  • Set up shipping
  • Set payments
  • Set up a domain
  • Design your shop

Once complete these initial steps this reminder grid automatically removes itself.

Below is the list of the dashboard tabs to the most important areas of your site, that can be found on the left hand side of the screen. Please feel free to click each one and it will open a gateway to learn all of the amazing things Stor is capable of.

The first tab is Orders. This tab is where you can see your transactions and watch your orders pile up.

The next tab is Products. This section is where you will be able to maintain your current stock, update availability of items, add products and more.

Following the products tab is the Customers section. This section is where you will house and maintain your customers’ information. This will come in handy when you are gathering data pertaining to your customers various needs.

Next on the dashboard list is the Featured section. Here you can display selected products to your customers in your shopfront, via the Products Snippet. This feature will allow your star products to shine.

Following this, the Promotions tab is up next. In this section, you can create coupon codes with unique names, amounts and start and end dates. Gift cards and Automated promotions are coming soon.

Reviews is another critical tab that helps you increase your sales through positive customer feedback and interactions. This is necessary because you can read your reviews to gather information regarding customer satisfaction and also glean information on areas that may need improvement within your company and its catalogue.

We’ve written a guide on reviews, be sure to check it out and find out more.

Now, if you’re looking for easy access to your company’s information gateway along with the ability to add, edit and update company information, privacy policies, provide contact information and more, your go to tab will be Info Pages.

Every online store needs a page that guides the customers on how to use and/or wear their products. This page might also contain customer explanations and photos to back up the detail in the guides. With Stor, you can create this content within the Blog tab. Use this tab to create stories that capture your audience’s attention and allow them to continue to connect with your brand.

The Insights tab grants you access to the analytics that you need to gain knowledge about your revenue based on timelines, order volume and more.  

Finally, Categories are an arrangement of variations of items. For example, a merchant could be selling “short sleeved cotton tees”. The categories would contain the variants. The variants would be things such as colour and size. This allows the customers to be to choose items that suit their needs, as well as their style.

Settings contain tabs that are essential to you being able to sell, have photos available for your products, currencies you want to transact with and the types of payment options that are available.

Last but, certainly not least, is the Shop tab. This tab is where the Shop Editor, Nav (Page Navigation) Menus, Shop Templates and Coding access are housed. This is where you will create the design of your shop, create/edit pages where your products are housed, choose a template (layout) of your shop and access the area where more advanced editing/creation can take place.

We hope this article is helpful, and that you’ve gained a great foundation in learning how to operate your new web shop on the Stor platform.

For more help with your Stor web shop, feel free to contact Support via chat, or email us on [email protected].